Live Your Values

I believe the number one key to a happy life is to live by your values. That may seem pretty obvious, but there are a lot of people who go through every day living in contradiction to their values. If your life is in conflict with your values you will always have an internal struggle, whether you are aware of it or not. This is the exact realization that led me to quit my job, launch my own company, and start writing this blog.

If you don’t know me yet I am Sophie, a vegan athlete and personal trainer. Ten months ago I got a job waitressing at a burger joint for some extra money. If you have ever waited tables you probably understand that the money can be addicting, so somehow it eventually became a full-time job. I was making great money, had my ideal schedule, and I really don’t hate waiting tables (minus the occasional jerk in my section). Despite all of this I found myself very unhappy, and I couldn’t pinpoint why that was.

Then one day I had an “Aha-moment”. A family of five was seated at a table in my section. They were all morbidly obese. They each ordered sodas, burgers, fries, and multiple sides of ranch. As I delivered their food to them I felt extremely guilty. It was clear to me that I was contributing to their very apparent health issues, and that was not something I wanted to be a part of.

That’s when it all hit me:

“Vegan athlete and personal trainer.”

And yet working in a place that serves animal based foods to the same people I was hoping to help.

How was this not blatantly obvious?!

I found myself in a job that required me to promote everything that I stand against. So with the loving support of my wonderful boyfriend I left that job and am venturing out on my own to instead promote a healthy plant-based diet, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I think so often in this world we get wrapped up in what we think we have to do, what other people are doing, or what is easy and convenient to do, and forget to think about if what we are doing reflects what we truly want. While that probably makes for a simpler life, it’s also probably an unhappy one.

Decide to live your life true to who you are and what you believe in. You won’t regret it.

*Food for thought: If you value health, animal rights, and/or the environment going vegan was/could be a big step toward living by your values. *

“If you don’t live for something you will die for nothing.”

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