Why I compete; And why you should, too

Let me lead off by saying that I am super competitive, and always have been. I live for “game day,” and I HATE losing. I am also addicted to the adrenaline that comes with competition day. Over the past three years I have competed in 2 strongman competitions, 2 bodybuilding shows, 2 crossfit competitions, and 1 powerlifting meet, largely for the aforementioned reasons. Though doing what is probably an excessive number of competitions I have discovered some major benefits of competing. So even if you’re not a competition junkie like me, I think you might find it worthwhile to participate in one.

Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Motivation to get started or push harder

If you are struggling to find the motivation to start going to the gym, or your workouts have been lackluster lately, signing up for a competition could provide just the spark you need to get into gear. Having an event to look forward to can make training way more fun and exciting.

  • Keep you focused on your plan

If you are like most people you are easily distracted and will fall off your diet or workout routine more often than you’d like. When you know you have a competition coming up you are much less likely to get off course, and when you do, chances are you’ll get back on track quicker.

  • Stop you from putting it off

Are you a procrastinator who has been pushing your fitness goals off for months, or even years? It’s time to give yourself a deadline. Signing up for a competition will force you to get your act together and (finally) get to work!

  • It’s so fun!

Competition day is so much fun! It gives you an opportunity to go out and do something you love, with a community of like-minded people rooting you on.

Still not convinced its for you?

You don’t have to lift big weights or get on stage in a bikini to compete. There is a competition out there for everyone. Try a Spartan race, a triathlon or a half-marathon. Not for you either? What about a 5k, a fun run, or city league basketball? There are options for all ages and all fitness levels. You don’t have to be an all-star athlete to compete. It’s not about winning; it’s about committing to something and finding out what you are capable of.

So go sign up for a competition and start training hard! I bet you won’t regret it.



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