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Here are the programs we offer:

The V-Edgy Life

This programming will help you reach your full potential. It is structured to increase strength, fitness, and body composition simultaneously. In this program you will do heavy lifting, circuit training, endurance training, and accessory movements to create an all around athlete. This was designed to follow our 8-week starter bootcamp found here What it is: The … Continue reading The V-Edgy Life

Nutrition 1-on-1

1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching Get personalized nutrition coaching to get you to your specific goals. (This is included with all training programs) What you get: Calorie and Macronutrient breakdowns based on your body and your goals Bi-Weekly Check-Ins- Food alterations will be made as necessary to ensure you are making progress toward your goals Access to … Continue reading Nutrition 1-on-1

Training 1-on-1

Personalized Training: We offer completely personalized training for someone with more specific goals. This would mainly include individuals who want to train for a competition, or wants to focus on improving one area of fitness, be that strength, size, or fitness. This Includes: Personalized Monthly Training Programs Personalized Plant-Based Nutrition Plans Bi-Weekly  or Weekly Check-Ins … Continue reading Training 1-on-1

Competition Training

If you want to hit the stage or the platform as a vegan athlete we’re here for you. Be a part of our plant-based team, and help show the world you don’t need meat to be fit. Bodybuilding: Want to get on stage and show off your best physique ever? The bodybuilding world is all … Continue reading Competition Training

Team LOTV Powerlifting

Want to maximize your strength? Show the world that vegan doesn’t mean weak and frail. Whether you want to up your total or are looking to do your first meet we are here to help. We will make sure you bring your best possible performance to the platform. We create a completely personalized program specific … Continue reading Team LOTV Powerlifting

Welcome to the Veg

“Welcome to the Veg” 8-Week Transformation Boot Camp We believe you should take control of your life, and we are here to help you do so. We want to help you create the body that you love, improve your relationship with food, and, most importantly, change your mindset. A physical transformation starts on the inside. … Continue reading Welcome to the Veg