When I first began training with Sophie, I wanted a program to get me into better shape, push my limits and get me strong as hell. I wanted curves and all the muscle. She was the perfect girl to do it. Sophie has helped me with my techniques, quality of my workouts, my mental health, my strength and dialing in my nutrition. She got me through many workouts just by giving me some words of wisdom before lifts so I could push myself past limits I set for myself. I would run up to her afterwards with a giant smile on my face and all the praise from her. She motivated me more then she will ever know. My mobility and strength has increased ten fold and so has my confidence. It’s amazing to see what my body’s capable of and how it can perform. Sophie’s training has dramatically improved my life and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my goals. If you can do one thing for yourself this year, hire an amazing trainer like Sophie and you wont regret it.